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Funding is essential. We have lots of talented engineers and business people, but are in need of more financial resources to help us finish our build and grow our presence.


We are looking to expand our network and gain valuable connections with leaders, sustainability organizations, engineering teams, etc., who could be valuable resources in helping to reach our future goals.


We are seeking advice on the technical, business, and sustainability end of our project. We want to gain valuable insight from professors and industry professionals on how we can further make an impact.

Social Change

We are looking to get the word out about the amazing work we are doing at Nexus! Reach out if you or a community you are a part of would be interested in learning more about us.

How Can I Help?


Forming partnerships and receiving sponsors is a large part of how we receive funding and gain valuable partners. Learn more

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Every dollar counts towards helping to make a difference. Click the link below to go to our donation pageLearn more

Cornell Giving Day

Thank you so much for you support from Giving Day! We raised over $7K for our team. Learn more