Our team is broken up into 4 main subteams: electrical, software, mechanical, and business. Each team may be working on their own individual tasks, whether that be working with sensors or building a pitch deck. However, the integration between these four teams is what allows us to work on the robot efficiently and allows members to learn about disciplines outside of their subteam.

Electrical Team

The electrical subteam is in charge of creating a reliable sensor network to collect relevant data for real time analysis, generating an appropriate power system to drive the motors and all of the on-board electronics, and collaborating with other subteams to integrate various aspects of the robot. Currently some of our main tasks include working to develop a custom PCB for our sensors to easily communicate with the Raspberry Pi and any other peripherals, building and integrating a battery pack, and helping Software test their Kalman Filter implementation.

Software Team

The software subteam is the brain behind the robot. Software is working on a wide range of different challenges. Our role provides everyone on the team the opportunity to take what you learn in the classroom (e.g. all the theory and structural foundation) one step further as we work together to make a fully functional, intelligent robot to traverse beaches efficiently. Some examples of our current tasks are reading sensor data to detect our robot’s location and dynamically adjust its pathing, communicating with the robot using a graphical user interface (GUI), and visualizing our robot’s data through simulated animations.

Mechanical Team

The mechanical team is currently in the manufacturing stage of building our beach-cleaning robot. We are working on the drivetrain and filtration assemblies and using 3D modeling software such as SolidWorks to model our robot. We are a small and personal team - there are opportunities to work on many different components of the robot and to tackle and solve new problems creatively and obtain hands-on experience

Business Team

The business subteam team goes beyond finance and general business operations in order to promote our team mission both locally and globally. Aspects of business include social media, design, marketing, fundraising, and community outreach. Right now our primary focuses are raising money to help support our other subteams and to increase overall presence on and off of campus. As a small team, we have the opportunity to be well rounded and gain valuable experience that can help accelerate career growth.